Welcome to Black Sheep Creative

Black Sheep Creative LLC is the parent company of Black Sheep Creative and Black Sheep Arms and is located in Austin Texas.  Black Sheep Arms specializes in Cerakote coatings used for firearms, drone parts and weight lifting equipment in addition to other industries.  Black Sheep Arms also utilizes Trotec lasers for engraving services.  This year Black Sheep Arms has added powdercoating to its list of services.

Black Sheep Creative is the in-house design firm that has a twenty year history of creating design elements for companies like Continental Airlines and Compaq/HP.  We now specialize in product design and design prototyping.  Everything from original graphics required for product laser engraving to design themes for firearms to actual 3d product design using SolidWorks.

Contact us today at 512-772-3813 to learn how either of our companies can benefit your needs.