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Join Our Cerakote Network and get Manufacturer Pricing!


Let Cerakote add to your bottom line.

Wether you are a firearms retailer or a manufacturer, we don't discriminate.  We want to offer manufacturer pricing to gun stores and give them the opportunity to add to their bottom line by selling Cerakote as an option.

We have simplified the pricing, intake and return of firearms.  We have created a dedicated portal to serve as a resource to your sales staff and we provide in-store training at no charge.  In addition, when your items are completed, we take studio quality pictures and provide them in compressed format for you to download and use in your marketing materials

Joining is simple, just pick 20 guns of any type that you feel Cerakote might improve not only the chance of selling but also in adding margin to the sale.  If you are close to Austin, there is a possibility we can pick them up in person and if not, you can package them up and mail them to us.  When you sign up, we create a password protected website portal that has all relevant information in addition to basic Cerakote sales tips.  We are a type 7/2 FFL and can handle any type of firearm.  We have a dedicated gunsmith on staff so we also handle all disassembly and reassembly.

If all this sounds good, just fill out the form below and we will contact you and set up your portal.  It only take a day to get the password protected web portal up and running and after that you are ready to go.

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