Our powder is the finest...

Our new Wagner Sprint powder coating system!

Our new Wagner Sprint powder coating system!

Black Sheep has added powder coating services to its mix as of this 2018.  We have trained our staff in the use of our new Wagner - Sprint system and we have been busy coating Jeep fenders, bumpers and wheels for all type of cars and trucks.  Our only limitations at present are the size of our ovens.  If it can fit in the oven (64x36x36), we can powder coat it.  Over the summer we are making way for a much larger oven and will post updates as that comes online.

Our powder is ordered from Prismatic Powders and you can check their website for color options.  When placing a powder coat order, just let us know the color code and we will ensure that is it correct and appropriate for your application.

To talk with a project manager an schedule your powder job today, call us at 512-772-3813!

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2016 Jeep JK Poison Spyder Fender


Satin Silk Black